April and Andy

April x Andy

"I’m really glad I married you."

"Yeah, we made a good call on that one."



Our girl, Mindy, along with her cast and writers, were snubbed by the Emmy voters this morning.

We want to band together as a fandom to show her that we love her so much, and we support the show now more than ever.

That’s why I…

april and andy practicing spit takes 

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❝She’s been desperate to be pregnant on the show. And part of the reason I didn’t ever want to make her pregnant was because I liked that she and Andy represent the young people on the show. But now we’re jumping three years in the future, so that’s certainly a possibility. But I’m sure she’ll start pitching that she’s a zombie — that’s my guess. If I had to guess, it’ll be that she starts pitching soon that she’s an undead person walking the Earth.❞
(Mike Schur on Aubrey Plaza’s “weird requests” for Season 7 (x))

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Yep. It’s a crib.

what do people think of this now? think it could be for next season??

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